Using the editor

See a demo of our editor in action on Youtube

Once you have uploaded an audio or video file and it is done processing, the transcript can be accessed for editing. You can access the transcription by clicking on the transcription 'card' in the dashboard, like this. You can find our hotkeys by hovering the ⌘ icon on the play bar.

Inside the editor you can edit the transcript in case there are words and sentences that has been transcribed incorrectly. You simply click on the word you want to edit and write something else. The editor saves automatically, so you don't have to worry about that. The editor is built in a way where it doesn't matter if you upload a 10 second or 3 hour video/audio. It will be a seamless editing experience.

Using our editor you can annotate your transcript. You simply press the Options key on your Mac keyboard (or Alt key if on Windows) and then highlight the text you want to annotate. You can see how it's done below. Your annotations will be included when you export the transcript.

When you are done editing your transcript you can export to Word, Text, Subtitles or Excel. Click the purple export button in the top right corner and decide on the format. Once you click the desired format it will be downloaded on your computer. It will look like this:

We recommend exporting the text when the transcript has been edited and perfected. Do not input/import more text into our editor since it will make the editing experience bad.

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