Improve accuracy of transcription with "Precision"

You may use our editor to improve your transcription accuracy for free. Konch also provides a “Precision" option to request Konch's team of certified "Correctors" to run through the transcript and add Speakers and sound annotations, as well as improve the accuracy of the transcript up to 99%. Have bad audio quality? Our correctors use audio enhancements to get the absolute best results possible. 

To do so, select the ":-)" (Face Icon) on the top of your editor. The icon will expand to read "Improve Accuracy" when hovered. See the example below:

You will then have the option to review the price per minute and the overall final price before purchase. 

The price per minute will vary by language. In rare cases, when the audio file is hard to understand or isn't clear the price can increase. You will be notified if such a determination is made. To avoid increases, please see this article on how to ensure you upload good quality audio. Additionally, response time can vary based on the language and frequency of requests. For example, English is available for all users on-demand, and Arabic currently requests a notice to turn it on for your account and may time extra time to turn around. 

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