Everything you need to understand about Konch starts with workspaces. When you register for the first time you will have a chance to create a new Workspace of your own ("My Workspace" example shown below). If you were invited to join a workspace, you can accept that invite (illustrated with "Enterprise Workspace" below). 

After you create or accept and invite to an Workspace, you will see something like this:

You can create additional workspaces if you are collaborating with different teams. You can do this by navigating to your settings page and hover your cursor on "Workspaces". You can create as many workspaces as you want and each have their own users, security, billing and other administrative options.

When you have several workspaces, you can switch between them in the menu. Remember, each workspace has its own set of users, owners, and payment plans. If you have more than one Workspace, make sure you are in the expected Workspace when uploading or adjusting settings. 

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